jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

week number 6

In this week, we need to aplicated a serves web with rsa system

Some introdcuccin

In the web serves some peple for example alice generetd "X" and seend this a Bob.
Bob will dowload some script to put him privated keys and the x, before bob sends result "r", and alice put the result in the serves and user, finaly the serves says if bob is bob or not

Code1 :



Script of dowload:


 Ramón used my server some pictures:

and triana (in this case was not yet translated)

Link of servece: http://alejandroave.260mb.org/
Apologies for publicity :C but "ITS FREE"


jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

#week number 5

This time, the homewoork is a simple server -  client with protocole rsa

Firsth the client try to conect to client
when the server detecte  the conexion of client start the protocole

1-. the server send x to client
2-. the client send messege encrupte
3-. the server desencripte and compere the y of server with the cliente
4-. if its the same the sounds is good
5-. if its different its to bad :C

We created two base data
one for user
one for the publi keys

The code of server:

The code of client:

The code of generet keys:

hire som image for some calcule of "d"

Some print screen
hire d = 3
N = 35
e = 23

The client sends a "d" and "n" and the server before it sends an x to use the function (x) and the client send its function, if  we are see where it says yyyy = 16 is the calculation server and Y is the calculation using the keys in this case, will leave the program.

In this image is about the code generet keys, this  generet value n,e,phie and verific if the numers are coprime, for used in ecuclides algoritm in paper :C

Links reference:

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012


This time, we make a practice about: Diffie-Hellman
and change protocole.

My partners Carlos Eduardo and Pedro Miguel were the representation of Alice and Bob respectively.
And me am eve

p and g are the following numbers:

p = 11
g = 8

and "X", "Y" 

X = 2
Y = 2

Subsequently tested different numbers to get the value of "x" and "y" here below:

We already got the number we were looking
now need "Y"

then we need to found "K"

Here is a hand